Zog is the weapons and vehicles operator on the Diotoir. He joined the Diotoir midway through the quest, and has been a near faithful member ever since.


Zog was originally from England, and toured around the Galaxy on his own Spaceship. He the met up with GF93 and the gang, and teamed up with them. His original spaceship is in the main bay of the Diotoir, but hasn't been featured.


Right from when he joined the Diotoir crew, Zog was up there, a leader, an inspiration. He created many ships and vehicles, including the Sidewinder, which still works to this day as a land craft. He was at one point in the story, kidnapped and evil clones were made of him. Thankfully, these clones didn't have the capacity to make craft as easily as Zog, and the Diotoir saved Zog and destroyed almost all of the clones. However, one of the clones was almost as brainy as Zog, and impersonated him by trying to destroy an entire city and the Diotoir by doing a Kamikaze into the centre. He succeeded, but almost everyone escaped with their lives, just not their pride. Zog is still alive to this day, and continues to be involved in the story time thread.

Craft which he has createdEdit

The Sidewinder - Heavily featured in Story Time, the first version of this craft was destroyed by collapsing into a hole and blowing up.

Hover Jets - These are used for moving quickly across a landscape. They are for one person only, though. Not featured in Story Time, but that is how crew members go across new planets and terrains.

Transporter Ships - Are used to transport heavy lifting equipment and people. Can travel in the sky and in space, but have a limited fuel capacity. There are 4 of them in total.

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