(Diotoir; Hai)
Biographical information
Born June 7, 76599997989 BC
Age 76.6 billion
Physical description
Species Lucridite
Gender Androgynous; Bigender
Height Variable - Usually 6ft 3inches
Hair Color Blood Red
Eye Color Dark Blood Red
Chronological and political information
Affiliation Gametechmods, GoldenFox93, the crew of the Diotoir
Family None
Vehicles Overlap Mech
Character Information correct as of last edit.

Umino is the spirit of the Diotoir and an age-old Lucridite.


Umino is a special type of Lucridite ore that comes from the planet Kzixa. The planet itself, in fact, is a sentient being; however, it has no kind of personality, just a method through which to preserve itself in extreme conditions. Atmospheric conditions on the planet caused Umino’s terrestrial form to be created from millions of years of pressure, and he was formed as a being with a similar non-existent personality, but characteristics similar to fire due to formation in the volcanic sector of the area. His interactions with those who mistreated him caused him not only to awaken to his self-defence abilities, but also to become vengeful. As time passed, he spent time with beings capable of humanity, some of which were caring and kind, which led him to have human desires – He wants to experience new things, receive praise, make others proud, protect others, and to find true emotions such as love. Despite these traits, however, he still maintains a naturally short temper, vengeful spirit, and brash personality due to his stone type.

He is also incredibly loyal to GoldenFox93 and would probably do literally anything for him. He gets along well with most of the other crew members as well, especially Luke and Suzaku. He doesn't always see eye to eye with Jymaru, but they get along well enough. The only people on the ship he lacks patience with are Jonzu, Dawn and Miku.


Umino was originally a special type of Lucridite ore known as Aequoris Lucriditus, which covered the entire seabed of Kzixa, his home planet. As most of his life took place under a layer of boiling lava, he could not gather life force or see anything outside of the dense material, making it impossible to learn what was happening around him. However, he eventually manifested an ability known as the Lifetaker Lifegiver Scenario, which enabled him to remotely possess other Lucridite forms - This allowed him to clearly visualize the planet from a different viewpoint.

In the year 7 AD, a group of fifty Seiriyan Commanders came to Kzixa to create a ship from the ore found on the planet's surface. They mined and forged the ore that contained Umino's consciousness from the igneous rock and used it to create a metallic shell before enslaving other, humanoid Lucridites in order to build The Crusader. However, in an attempt to stop the Seiriyans from possessing one of the most destructive weapons in the universe, the Lucridites configured The Crusader so that only another Lucridite could fly the ship. They were also forced to create a five-foot claymore, nicknamed Hai, upon the orders of the Head Commander, Jakuuna.

Realizing that their ship could only be piloted by a Lucridite, Jakuuna sacrificed five of his men, using their Life Force as fuel for the engines, before using their powers to force Umino to manifest a humanoid form. Umino became a tall, tanned young man with spiky red hair wearing a ballroom masquerade, a backless black top and baggy black trousers - While this would later be modified, it is very similar to his current appearance. They forced him to pilot their ship to their every command, whipping him if he refused or performed a task incorrectly.

However, one day, Umino couldn't take any more beating. His body was covered in scars, cuts, and open wounds from the past five years of his torment, and he could barely stand. As the whip held by one of the officers came down, he instinctively grabbed it and channeled his energy through it, incinerating it in mere seconds. He then proceeded to absorb the life force of everyone within The Crusader, including crew members and prisoners, before sinking into an unusual form of hibernation, along with Hai, his sword form. However, this caused him to become unstable and crash land The Crusader on Earth, where he was eventually found by in 1953 by Edgar Nelson, a Professor of Archaeology, and dismantled as part of his research.

In 2009, GoldenFox93 found the pieces of scrap metal and built the Diotoir. Umino came out of hibernation in mid 2010.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lifetaker Lifegiver ScenariosEdit

Lifetaker Lifegiver Scenario is the name given to a set of powerful magical abilities native to the Lucridite species. So far, only four Scenarios are known. The known Scenarios are listed below: Part One is the ability to remotely possess another being. The only known user of this Scenario is Umino, though Iris appears to be able to use a lesser form of it to communicate with Umino. Part Two is the ability to drain a victim's Life Force and even remove their soul from their body into a catalyst. Umino claims that he isn't the only Lucridite to know this move, but no other user has been found yet. It is the only offensive Scenario of the known four, though the others can be used offensively. Part Three is the ability to revive a person using the souls gathered through the use of Part Two. Umino is the only Lucridite capable of using this Scenario, and it takes fifty gathered souls to bring one person back to life. (Part Four - more commonly known as the Forbidden Fourth - is the ability to mark a person's body with something known as a Death Tab. If the person dies, they can revive themselves through the use of this Tab, though must obtain a new body. Umino is not capable of using this Scenario, and he has no desire to ever learn it, as he sees it as a polluting kind of taboo magic that corrupts the very soul of the user.)


Like Suzaku, Umino is a skilled pyrokinetic. His arsenal of fire-based abilities include the infamous Inferno Headlock, as well as Blaze Punch, Hegashii no Kicku and Hell's Barrage. The dragon mark on his left arm seems to channel this latent fire ability to some extent.

Combat SkillsEdit

Most of Umino's attacks can and will be done unarmed. However, if he's fighting an honorable opponent, he will use Hai.


Umino has a profound ability with his sword, including being able to lift and use it with only one hand. His most devastating sword attacks are done by swinging the sword by the ribbon attached to the hilt.


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