(Reaper Fighter, Reaper Mecha)
Physical description
Class GF-Mecha, but based on designs by Natef
Dimensions 25 feet tall in Mecha Form
Color Shining black
Chronological and political information
Creator GoldenFox93
Owner GoldenFox93
Vehicle Information correct as of last edit.

The Reaper is GoldenFox93's current personal combat vehicle. Encased in striking black armour, it carries a multitude of different weapons, and can assume two forms at will. GF93 built it as a replacement for his original Hornet mecha, which he destroyed by setting it to self-destruct and launching it into the engine system of a Beast Ship, completely destroying it. Since the Reaper began service with GF93 in Story Time, it has helped him save the World several times, using it to defeat threats such as the Varik Mayor, Perpetual's Mecha, and an entire squadron of Bydoes, after they caused him to snap and brutally attack them by hand. GF93 built it mainly in his Secret Laboratory inside the Diotoir, first showing it to Natef after he'd finished it. He later moved it to the Diotoir's hangar for easy storage and deployment.

Reaper FighterEdit

The Reaper Fighter is the Reaper's standard form, taking the form of a sleek and compact Space Fighter. This was the form of the vehicle that was first seen. Besides being quite small and compact, it is incredibly fast, able to reach speeds of over 35,000 kilometres per hour in level flight. GF93 tends to mainly use this form for quick attacking, scouting, and occassionally for battling foes such as Mechas. Some its weaponry has been seen to include-

  • Lock-on Missile- If targets are locked onto, small groups of Guided Missiles are fired at them.
  • Macross Missile Massacre- A scaled-up version of the standard lock-on missile attack. The Reaper Fighter opens up several Missile Silo compartments, before unleashing a storm of several small Guided Missiles towards the enemy.
  • Vulcan Cannons- Small Laser weapons that are mounted underneath the chassis of the Reaper fighter. They function very much like standard guns, but with settings for rapid fire and more powerful, chargeable shots.
  • Hyper Vulcan Cannon Blast- When the Vulcan Cannon is charged to its maximum power, the Reaper Ship can fire a thick and powerful Laser Blast from its front end. Very Powerful, but takes time to charge.
  • Arrow Flash- the Fighter form's signature attack. Five arrowhead-shaped energy orbs emerge from the front end of the ship, which merge together to momentarily form a Force Field. Then the field is quickly blasted forward into one large arrowhead-shaped blast.

Reaper MechaEdit

The Reaper Mecha is the vehicle's second form. When pure power or an epic mecha battle is necessary in the Story, the Reaper can assume the form of a 25-foot tall Mecha, with incredible physical power, and a bigger selection of powerful weaponry than its standard form. Some of its weaponry includes-

  • Beam Katana- The Weapon that the Reaper Mecha tends to use most often. It takes the form of a giant Katana Sword, with a blade created from a blue-white Laser Beam. GF93 can wield it skillfully from the Mecha, and when used correctly, can cut through almost anything.
  • Crash Bomb- An explosive device that the Reaper Mecha mainly uses for clearing crowds of enemies. It takes the form of a miniaturised Nuclear Warhead that explodes when fired against the ground. The Reaper's armour is specially-treated to resist damage from the blasts, although the first time it used it, it was sandblasted by the bomb.
  • Electromagnetic Net- Although more of a tool than a weapon, this was used to capture Lumix when he turned evil, neutralising his powers.
  • Vulcan Cannons- Serve the same function as it does with the Reaper Fighter, although there are far more of them mounted together in this form.
  • Macross Missile Massacre- Serves a simular function to its form on the Reaper Fighter, but the missiles are bigger and explode more powerfully.
  • Hyper Vulcan Cannon Blast- Used just like the attack of the same name from the Reaper Fighter, but due to its bigger size and power, can be charged faster and more powerfully.
  • Jet Boosters-These function more as tools rather than weapons again, but these foot-mounted boosters are frequently used to extend the power of the Reaper Mecha's running and jumping manouvers, perform flaming kicks with the afterburners, and to hover or fly for short periods. However, the Boosters can only automatically recharge on the ground.
  • Hands and Feet- In some cases, the Mecha uses itself as a weapon. Thanks to its immense physical strength, punches, kicks, throws and stomps are surprisingly effective attacks.

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