Natef is a loyal member of Gametechmods and the Diotor. He hails from the United States, and was one of the original members of the Diotoir after GoldenFox93 created and introduced it.


Powers and abilitiesEdit

Natef original powers were somewhat unknown (he used a special battle armor powered by USB like devices). Eventually, he used the Diendriver, a gun that allowed him to become Kamen Rider Diend. He could use cards to attack, summon other Riders to fight alongside him, and transform some Riders into various weapons. Eventually, he gave it back to Daiki, the original owner, and began using the Ixa belt to become Kamen Rider Ixa, allowing him to use the Ixa Calibur, a gun/sword hybrid. When he becomes Ixa, he says, "Return the life you have taken to god!" Later on, he was able to use the Ixa Riser, to assume his Rising form. The Ixa Riser could be converted from a cellphone like device to a gun that had a massive amount of recoil.

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