(Makeshift War Machine)
Physical description
Class Custom
Weight 5 tons (4535.923 kg)
Color Scrap Metal
Chronological and political information
Creator Hydro
Owner Hydro
Vehicle Information correct as of last edit.

The Hydromobile is Hydro's custom made "car". Weighing in at 5 tons, this makeshift war machine is fast, powerful, and fun to drive. Hydro has so far used it to fight the Strider Army in Mexico City with GoldenFox93 and Natef.


Armor: One inch thick scrap steel, polycarbonate windsheild

Weapons: Three GAU-12 Equalizers, two FFAR pods, one Tesla cannon, two huge-ish sword things that can be deployed on the sides, two massive buzzsaws that can be deployed at the sides as well as one in front

Powerplant: One custom made diesel engine equiped with dual custom made twin-screw turbochargers with methanol injection producing 1,000 horsepower

Top Speed: 80 milles per hour

Fuel Efficiency: Officially a heck of a lot

Other FeaturesEdit

The Hydromobile has various functions, some of which have yet to be seen. It has a teleporter, a carbon fiber wing, and an automatic transmission.

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