(Lord Admiral GF93)
Biographical information
Born 23rd April 1993, United Kingdom
Age 17
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 6ft, 2 inches
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
Chronological and political information
Affiliation Gametechmods, United Kingdom, Natef, ACAMS, Starcore, Umino
Family Unknown
Vehicles Diotoir, Reaper
Character Information correct as of last edit.

GoldenFox93, or GF93 as he is mainly known, is a Human GTM user, who has worked his way up to become one of the main heroes of Story Time. Commanding his beloved ship, The Diotoir, and a seemingly endless group of Drones, he travels the Galaxy with the GTM heroes in search of adventure and evil to battle.


Not a lot is known of GF93's past before he came to the Story, but what is known is that he originally hailed from Great Britain, and that he eventually becomes a skilled mechanic over the course of the Story. Originally creating his ship and his Drones through unknown means (It is rumoured that he built them himself), he seemed to just get involved in the then-current events of the story, gradually increasing in significance over the course of it.


Soon though, GF93 became a regular in the Story, using his ship, fighting skills and technology to help the other heroes wherever possible. He also has a tendency to duel, or overwise fight hand-to-hand, the main villains of the chapters. Some of the villains GF93 has personally fought have included Bydo Badnik, Pieface, the Varik Mayor, Paddy Demon, Avalanche, Poseidon, the Elite Varik Soldiers, LRA2, and Avalanche. It was through this that GF93 became the first person to fight (And kill) Bydo Badnik.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

GF93's abilities and fighting style mainly revolves around the use of his technology, including his special armour (Which he can call to himself at any time, through use of a nanotechnological formula he injected himself with), his signature Energy Cutter weapons, and his own style of martial arts, borrowing moves from Taekwondo, Traditional Karate, Kickboxing, Ninjitsu and Judo styles.

His powerful body, which was modified through use of nanotechnological upgrades he developed, allows use of numerous acrobatic manouevers and feats of strength, even without use of his suit. The upgrades brought his peak speed, strength, agility, healing and endurance to near-superhuman levels.

GF93's special combat suit, which he designed and built by himself in secret, is the main tool he uses in battle. It takes the form of a form-fitting armoured exoskeleton with several different features. It increases GF93's already-strong physical attributes to superhuman levels in this state, and allows him to perform several more techniques, such as high jumping, hovering and limited flight with the rocket boosters built into the boots, and punching through solid metal with the titanium knuckles on his hands.

This, combined with a variable weapon system that allows him to utilise high-tech wrist-mounted weaponry, the ability to summon his Mecha almost at will, and training in the arts of fighting makes him a lethal force in combat.

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