The Diotoir
(GF93DS Diotoir)
Physical description
Class GoldenFox93-Class Doom Ship
Color Gunmetal
Description GF93's original and current ship.

Mysteriously created towards the beginning of the story, it serves as the secondary GTM HQ and second home to the Diotoir crew, and has helped them through many battles.

Chronological and political information
Creator GoldenFox93
Owner GoldenFox93
Vehicle Information correct as of last edit.
The Diotoir, or the GF93DS (GoldenFox93-class Doom Ship) Diotoir, is GoldenFox93's personal spaceship, which he has regularly used in the story. Originally created towards the beginning of the story, it has accompanied GF93 on several of his adventures, and has lately, become something of a HQ for the GTM heroes.

According to GF93, it is a flying warship of enormous size, heavily armed, and with several functions inside and out, capable of many things, as well as being capable of sustaining its crew for entire lifetimes, if necessary. It was originally built by GF93 through currently unknown means, but what is known that having built it, he then created small robotic crew members called Drones, and stationed himself as the ship's Lord Admiral, based on the real-life Naval Rank of Lord High Admiral.

The Diotoir has been copied twice so far in its existance. Both copies were shortlived. ACAMS' Diotoir II was shot down by G.K. reasonably early on in its lifespan (Before its ruins was later destroyed in a Spambot spaceship crash), and Perpetual's Diotoir III, which was an evil copy that was destroyed very soon after its creation by the heroes.

Defence and ArmamentEdit

Although the Diotoir has been seen primarily as a fighting ship, it has been more seen functioning as living quarters and General Headquarters for the GTM Heroes. Its main weaponry is primarily powered through use of the Ship's special Dark Matter reactor, and has been seen to include (But not limited to)-

  • Dark Matter Laser Cannon hidden in the bow of the Diotoir, which can open up to reveal it. It is an excellent weapon when nothing but sheer size and power is necessary, having been seen several times to wipe out whole attacking fleets at once.
  • Several hundred smaller Laser Cannons in the sides of the ship, both automated and controlled by Drones. These are easy to operate, require little charging, and are good for broadside attacks.
  • Missile Siloes, primarily used for swarming large enemies, or large groups of enemies.
  • Remote-controlled Black Hole Generator, a weapon developed by GF93 to deal with smaller enemies. It consists of a floating, remote-controlled metal ball, controlled remotely using a modified Super NES controller, before opening up to reveal a small Black Hole. Can be remote-controlled easily to suck up smaller ships and enemies, but cannot be used on bigger things, like flagships.
  • Defense Mode, used primarily when the Diotoir is on the ground and under attack. It involves the ship putting up a near inpenetrable defense shield, consisting of a thick segmented layer of Ceramic Titanium which folds over the main body of the ship, whilst a powerful force field covers it. This renders the Diotoir nigh-inpenetrable to most enemies, but the ship is unable to attack in this form, and speed is reduced.

Living quarters and other equipmentEdit

Besides its typical functionality as a fighting ship, The Diotoir has been regularly observed to function as a second home for GF93 and his crew, and thus, contains several sectors and devices to use. Some of the sectors mentioned in the Story have included-

  • Bridge, where the Diotoir's controls are located, and where most of the meetings take place.
  • ICT suite, where most of the ship's operational computers are stationed. Drones are frequently found working on them.
  • Briefing Room, was another room for meetings. Is now a room to commemorate the dead.
  • Lounge, where GF93 likes to spend his time when not piloting the ship. It is known that he has a Nintendo 64 hooked up in here.
  • Rec Room, also a popular hangout for the GTM members. Some of its entertainments include a pool table, Arcade Machine, and Pinball Table. GF93 is currently installing a bowling alley.
  • Kitchens, where the Drones prepare food for the GTM members.
  • Bedrooms, the GTM member's various quarters. All are generally large and comfortable, with ensuite bathrooms.
  • Admiral's Quarters, GF93's bedroom. Being Lord Admiral, his accommodation is quite a bit more lavish, with an Emperor-Sized bed amongst other things. Night Fury once slept on it after raiding GF93's secret supply of Double Decker chocolate bars.
  • Admiral's Bathroom, ensuite to the Admiral's quarters. Has been mentioned to contain a Whirlpool Bath and a Power Shower, amongst other things.
  • Deputy Admiral's Room, Nate's room, has not been featured in the Story Time thread thus far.
  • Weapon and Vehicle Officer's Room, Zog's room, is full of blueprints and architectural designs. Is featured at the front of the ship, above the Bridge. Not featured in the Story Time thread thus far.
  • Pool Room, where GF93's swimming pool is located. It's a large pool, surrounded on one half by a rock formation, with a small water slide set into it. A Jacuzzi, sun loungers, and several potted Palm Trees also exist in the area.
  • Engine Room, where the Diotoir's Dark Matter Reactor is located, providing the ship's fuel and power source. It is heavily armoured and locked into place, so very well protected against attack.
  • Farming Dome, where most of the organic produce, including fruits, vegetables and other such crops, is grown and processed, providing most of the food onboard the ship.
  • Armoury, where most of the ship's handheld weaponry and armour, is kept.
  • Storehouse, where goods are kept.
  • Prison Quarters, where captured enemies and people under quarantine, are kept. Is high-security, and elite Security Drones man them tirelessly.
  • GF93's Laboratory, where GF93 has been seen to secretly develop his weaponry, armours and other things. It was here projects such as GF93's Armour, his Nanotechnological upgrade, and the Hornet and Reaper mechs, were developed. One of the most protected areas of the ship, and only certain individuals are allowed in under normal circumstances.
  • Aircraft Hangar, where most of the armed vehicles, such as the Reaper, the Hydromobile and Natef's Mechas, are kept. Has been seen to incorporate features including moveable doors, heatproof launchpads and catapult hooks for flying vehicles.
  • Zog's Hangar, contains specialised equipment, including the Sidewinder; the Tunnelling and Boring device. Has recently been expanded to allow for more equipment.
  • Hold, where various items were kept by the residents of GTM. Was once transformed into a cave with a link to hell by Ridley.

Debate over length of serviceEdit

The Diotoir itself is probably the longest-serving ship in the story still currently operating. This has lead to debate amongst some users whether the ship should be decommissioned/destroyed or not. People for retiring/destroying it tend to argue that the ship is horribly outdated and always in ruins (Later proven false by GF93, because of him and the Drones taking care of it "Between Posts"), whereas those against the motion argue that it has had huge significance in the story, serves as main GTM Headquarters, and scrapping it would be illogical. People known for wanting the ship destroyed include Avalanche and FOTEPX (Formerly), whereas those against it include GoldenFox93, Natef, Zog, Scourge of teh Galaxy, and Hydro.

Notable InformationEdit

  • Umino is the spirit of the metal that is used on most of the Diotoir, though this has only became recently known and accepted.

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