Butcher is a Human from a colony in relatively deep space. He went on a murder spree throughout the village due to quite literal demonic posession. He later fled the galactic police before stumbling upon a portal to Tavuu's Arena, introducing him to the members of the Diotor after he snuck in. Cooks steaks regularly to the deight of some and dismay of others.

After the members of the Diotor escaped Butcher lost his inner demon and as a result his magic power greatly increased. He could then grow massively in size, which pretty much became his signature technique. Later aquired a mythical sword called The Claw Of Tavuu (relation to real Tavuu unknown) so he could fight Caeruleus, but he didn't get much action.

Relatively tall and very heavly built, being much stronger than other characters without technology enhanced powers. Skilled with guns but far more skilled with melee weapons.

Gets on with anyone who doesn't steal steaks or isn't Naryar.

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