Need to draw one
(Past Badnik, Present Badnik, Future Badnik)
Biographical information
Born September 1st, 1995
Died Many dates across the GTM Fleets history
Age 16
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Hair Color Reddish-Brown
Eye Color Blue-Green
Description Regular member on the GTM Crew.
Chronological and political information
Affiliation The GTM Crew (loosely), The Bydo Army (When in Bydo form)
Family None shown in story
Vehicles The Caterkiller
Character Information correct as of last edit.

Badnik is a regular member on the GTM Crew. After being posessed by the Bydo Lord, he wreaked havoc on the GTM members. After being defeated, He rose again. Once again being defeated, the good Badnik woke with no knowledge of his deeds as a Bydo. after a future Badnik arrived, and a reincrarnation of himself appeared, they went on a rescue mission on the swamp planet Nyxu to rescue fellow GTM member lloopp d lloopp. After Past Badnik was Bydo-Ized and Future Badnik wass killed in the ensuing battle, Present Badnik went insane and tried to kill the GTM members. After another few reincarnations of Badnik appeared, the last incarnation of Badnik was annihilated by an evil mech's laser. After being saved, but being transplanted to a robot body, Badnik helped the GTM Crew stop Jonzu and Dawn from joining Team Galactic. After being Bydo-ized again and killed, the body emerged and an evil scientist cloned Badnik to assassinate the GTM Crew. After the clone was killed, Badnik disappeared for a while. Soon though, Ximet brought Future Badnik to the present day, and he has created a small fleet of ships including himself, Ximet, Ikaru, and Strike Archer. After a fiery crash killed his three comrades, Badnik went insane and now believes he is a half dragon called Fex.

See:Bydo Badnik

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