All members of the Diotor.


Anyone who manages to invade without bringing him a cup of coffee first, and several crime lords who annoy him.


A strong and competent soldier with heavy magic and technological power. Skilled with rifles and shotguns.

Fleet Admiral of the sector the Diotor spends the majority of its time in. Originally thought to be anything but friendly after he attacked the Diotor and a fleet of battleships that were in reality against the Diotor. He then led Hydro and Jymaru aboard his ship where the automated systems harrassed them, especially the Annoying Maze Of Great Frustration, which any sort of portal gets diverted to aboard his ship. Later got on allied terms and helped the Diotor during times of crisis.

Generally respected by most members of the Diotor because of his huge state of power, with his own battleship that's much larger than the Diotor. Strong with most weapons and uses disruptive ammo to blast away shields.

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